Famous New Mexicans

Famous People Born in New Mexico

See our top list of the most famous people from New Mexico. We’ve chosen people like athletes, actors, civil rights activists, scientists and people from other walks of life that have come from the “The Land of Enchantment” state.

Bruce Cabot actor, Carlsbad
Dennis Chavez senator, Los Chavez
Mangus Coloradas apache leader
Edward Condon physicist, Alamogordo
Robert Crichton author, Albuquerque
John Denver singer, Roswell
Pete Domenici senator, Albuquerque
Harvey Fergusson author, Albuquerque
Sid Gutierrez astronaut, Albuquerque
William Hanna animator, Melrose
Neil Patrick Harris actor, Albuquerque
Conrad Hilton hotel executive, San Antonio
Peter Hurd artist, Roswell
Ralph Kiner baseball player, sportscaster, Santa Rita
William Henry Bill Mauldin political cartoonist, Mountain Park
John Madden sportscaster, Austin
Demi Moore actress, Roswell
Harrison Schmitt politician, Santa Rosa
Kim Stanley actress, Tularosa
Slim Summerville comedian, Albuquerque
Al Unser auto racer, Albuquerque
Bobby Unser auto racer, Albuquerque
Victorio Apache chief
Thomas Weaver anthropologist, author Greenville
Linda Wertheimer NPR correspondent, Carlsbad