Kentucky State Bird – Cardinal

Kentucky state bird, the red Cardinal perched
Male Cardinal

State Bird of Kentucky – Cardinal 

The Kentucky state bird is the cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) which was officially adopted on February 26, 1926, by the state legislature. The cardinal is native to Kentucky but is also the state bird of 6 other states including Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia

The cardinal is a type of finch that can be found in gardens, streamside, and woodlands throughout the east and southwest sections of the United States. The males are red, while the females are a brownish, less vibrant color. Cardinals were named because the male’s red crest resembles a Catholic Cardinal. The Kentucky state bird eats a wide variety of insects, grains, and fruits. They also can be enjoyed at your backyard seed feeder and have a loud, whistling call.