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Most people are of the opinion that some of the best business schools in the United States of America are located on the east and west coast. However, they are mistaken. In the center of the American Midwest, Illinois has various excellent schools which provide a business degree. Amongst all these schools, some are accredited while others are not. There are various organizations that accredit these schools and some of these organizations include Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), and the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Choosing an accredited program is beneficial as it not only has clear objectives but it also produces quality outcomes. Accredited schools also adhere to national and international standards and along with this, it also provides students with the opportunity to connect with real-world businesses. 

Students can choose between an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree. An associate’s degree is the shortest route to enter the field as it only requires 2 years. Getting an associate’s degree helps students to get an entry-level job in the field of business. Usually an associate’ s degree requires students to submit letters of recommendations, a personal statement, official transcripts, etc. Students are also required to have a high school diploma. 

While some students prefer an associate’s degree, others may want to get a bachelors’ degree. Illinois has a balance of affordable as well as expensive schools. Students can choose a specialization of their own choice and pursue an undergraduate degree. These specializations may include getting a bachelor’s degree in project management, a bachelor’s degree in human resources, a bachelor’s degree in finance, etc. Every business school has different requirements; however, there are a few general requirements. Some of these requirements include having an undergraduate degree, a good SAT score, letters of recommendation, etc. It is suggested that candidates who are planning on applying go through the details carefully so that they do not miss out the due date of the application. 

Along with an undergraduate degree, there are various candidates who prefer to get a graduate degree as well. Illinois has various graduate level business schools that offer a master’s degree program for students who want to advance their level of education and for those who want to find better job opportunities. Graduate level programs are available online and on campus as well, so candidates can choose a program that suits their preferences. There are various schools that offer a hybrid program where students have to shuffle between a few online and a few on-campus classes. Hybrid and online programs are ideal for people who are working but want to continue their studies. Some general requirements to get enrolled in a master’s program include an undergraduate degree, a good GMAT score, letters of recommendations, etc. Some schools also require candidates to have relevant work experience. Make sure that you carefully check the requirements of the school you are planning on applying to.

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