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Minnesota business schools offer programs that are designed to give students a detailed understanding of the various facets of the world of business. Graduates of business programs in Minnesota are prepared to take up roles in different organizations as marketing, business management and human resource professionals, among other career options. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career outlook for finance and business professionals is quite bright, with lots of new jobs expected to be added to the field in the coming decade.

If you want to learn more about Minnesota business schools, the following guide would be of great help. It provides details about degree levels, career options and salary potential. 

Degree Options at Minnesota Business Schools

When planning on going for business school, the first decision you would need to make is the level of the degree you ought to enroll in. This would depend on your past education credentials and future career goals. Let’s take a look at some of the degree levels available at business schools.

Associate Degree: This is a 2-year long degree that provides a basic understanding of the field of business. Graduates of this program can apply for entry level positions in different organizations. Potential degree options include an online PM associate degree, associate degree in marketing or an associate degree in accounting.

Bachelor’s Degree: This is a 4-year long degree which provides a comprehensive look into the different aspects of business. Students complete coursework in economics, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship and finance. Potential degree options include an online BS degree in business administration, bachelor’s degree in finance or bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Master’s Degree: This is a 2-year long degree that provides an enhanced and detailed look into different business subjects. Students will be expected to complete complex coursework, along with a thesis or a final year project. Potential degree options include a Master’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Accounting and Finance or Master’s in Marketing.

Doctoral Degree: This is a highly advanced degree that prepares students to work in the fields of research and education. Potential degrees include a Doctoral degree in accounting or a doctorate degree in business administration. 

Career Outlook after Minnesota Business Schools

After completing business school in Minnesota, there are numerous career options for students to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the common career options with a business degree:

Accountants & Auditors: These professionals prepare and examine financial records of the organizations that hire them.

Budget Analysts: These professionals assist organizations in planning their finances.

Financial Analysts: These professionals guide organizations and individuals in making decisions about using money to make profits.

Human Resource Specialists: These individuals are trained professionals who recruit, screen and interview job applicants and also handle compensation and benefits programs.

Insurance Underwriters: These professionals are responsible for evaluating insurance applications and deciding whether a candidate is eligible for insurance and under what terms.

Management Analysts: These professionals are in-charge of recommending methods to increase organizational efficiency.

Market Research Analysts: These professionals study the conditions of the market to examine the potential sales of a particular service or product.

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