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Nebraska Business Schools can help students launch careers in an exciting number of fields relating to business and its various aspects. The field of business is so vast and it covers a huge variety of subjects, such as marketing, human resource, accounting, finance, auditing, operations management, taxation etc. If any of these subject areas sound interesting to you, checking your options at Nebraska business schools might be a good idea. Students looking for the ideal program would be able to find a number of options, such as a bachelors in finance, masters in business administration, doctorate in accounting, doctorate project management degree etc.

Learn more about Nebraska business schools and the options they offer in terms of degree levels and career prospects. 

Degree Options at Nebraska Business Schools

Students who intend to enroll in business schools in Nebraska first need to determine the degree level they ought to go for. This would be dependent on the past educational credentials and future education and career goals. Students can opt for any of the following degrees:

Associate Degree in Business Administration: This is a 2-year long program that would prepare students for entry level opportunities in business administration and related fields.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration: This is a comprehensive 4-year long program that covers a huge variety that would prepare students for a variety of well-paying career opportunities.

Master’s Degree in Business Administration: This advanced 2-year long degree gives students a detailed understanding of specific aspects of the business world. Students would have the option of choosing a major as the master’s level, such as a master’s degree in finance, a master of accounting or a master’s degree in project management.

Doctorate in Business Administration: This complex and elaborate degree is ideal for those who want to go into research or teaching. 

Career Outlook with a Business Degree

According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business and Financial Occupations made an annual median income of $72,250 which is substantially higher than the annual median wage for all occupations of $41,950. The growth for this occupational field is expected to be a high 8% in the years from 2020 to 2030, which will create an approximate 750,800 new jobs in various sectors of business.

This high growth and lucrative salary outlook can be attributed to the fast developing business landscape in the US, a growing economy and global trade options.

Students with a business degree can opt for careers in an exciting number of fields, including marketing, accounting and finance. Graduates of Nebraska Business Schools can end up taking up jobs as accountants and auditors, market research analysts, financial analysts, management analysts, tax professionals, financial examiners and so on. Please note that most of the occupations mentioned here require at least a bachelor’s degree for entry level positions. Students with associate’s degrees in business can opt for entry level positions such as administrative assistants, customer service representatives, relationship bankers, sales support specialists, assistant sales manager etc.

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