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Nevada business schools prepare students to take on a number of lucrative career options in the vast field of business and finance. Students can opt for degrees such as an online BS in finance, an online MS PM degree or an online doctorate in accounting, among other options. These degrees help graduates land jobs in fields such as marketing, finance, accounting, auditing and even human resources. If you want to learn more about how Nevada business schools can help you avail exciting opportunities in the field of business, read the following guide. 

Admission Requirement of Degree in Business Administration

Once you have determined the degree you can to enroll in, the first step would be to check the admission requirements of the relevant program. Admission requirements vary according to the level of the degree you are enrolling in and the institute’s specific policy. However, typically, an undergraduate degree in business administration would require at least a high school diploma, official transcripts and letters of recommendation. Graduate programs have more enhanced admission requirements, and students enrolling in these programs would have to provide scores for standardized aptitude tests, personal essays, proof of relevant work experience etc. 

Coursework in Nevada Business Schools

The curriculum and its level of complexity for Nevada business schools would be dependent on the exact degree. Students enrolled in an associate’s degree in business administration would have a significantly different coursework requirement that those enrolled in a master’s program. However, the subject areas for business degrees remain the same by and large, regardless of the level of the degree. Students across all degrees will study courses in marketing, finance, auditing, taxation, corporate law, human resource, entrepreneurship etc. 

Career Outlook for Nevada Business School Graduates

Even though specific data on Nevada Business School graduates is not available, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a detailed look into the career outlook for business and finance occupations. According to statistics from BLS, business and financial operations occupations are expected to grow by an impressive 8% in the years from 2020 to 2030, which will add a significant number of new jobs to the field. The exponential growth will be fuelled by the fast developing business landscape in the US and the continuous rise in entrepreneurial ventures. In addition to that, the developing global economic ties, along with a highly complex regulatory environment, the need for legal personnel in the business market will also increase.

Salary Outlook for Nevada Business School Graduates

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median income for business and financial occupations was $72,250 in May 2020. Please note that this figure is significantly higher than the annual median wage for all occupations of $41,950. The salary potential for business graduates would vary according to their exact employment as well. For instance, Accountants and Auditors made an annual median pay of $73,560, Budget Analysts made an annual median income of $78,970 and Cost Estimators made an annual median income of $66,610 in 2020.

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