• The official state home page is behind the title link on each state page.
  • Most states offer printed material for classroom use.
  • Most images are clickable – Check to see if your mouse pointer changes. The flag thumbnail opens a larger
    state flag image. The state outline image opens a clickable county map.
  • ALT=”” descriptions are on images. Place your pointer over an image, without clicking, for additional “pop
    up” information. Some users with text readers will hear an audible description.
  • On the home page a state and capital name is “popped up” when you place your pointer over the index folder
    next to each state name.

    Note: WebTV users do not have this feature and will not see a “pop up”!

  • Please contact us if any 401 or 404 errors are returned when clicking on a link.
    These codes indicate a changed / deleted URL.
  • A printable list of State zip codes is available under the “postal code
    link on our home page.
  • Printable maps are shareware. You can use it on your web site.
  • Button Icons:
    • Birds: Links to an alphabetical study list of the official
      state birds. Sub links take you to pages from “Audubon’s Birds of America”.
    • Flags: Collection of state flags and a text description of the
      flags symbolism.
    • News: Collection of links to online Newspapers listed by state.
    • Songs: Links to an alphabetical study list of the official
      state songs. Sub links take you to pages with the words of each state song.
      Note: We
      include Midi links to songs when availible.
    • Tools: Links to an alphabetical study list of the states and
      capitals. You are encouraged to print and distribute this page as a study guide handout. All links
      on the list should work. However, links are displayed in black to enable clear printing and
      photocopy. The Tools page includes many other useful teaching and learning aids.
    • Home: The home icon is on the bottom right of every page.
      will take you to the home page of 50states.com.
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  • July 20, 1996: The day this web site was born. Originally as a short bookmark list to help my kids do their
    social studies homework.
  • Current addition revised date: This date is changed whenever an update to the web site is made. It can be as
    simple as a URL change or a major addition.
    Note: We send out a URL robot spider once a month to
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    • Who is the author?
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    • Who is the publisher or sponsor?
    • 50states.com
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