Georgia State Flag

Georgia FlagGeorgia State Flag

Georgia State Flag Officially Adopted: May 8th, 2003

The current version of the state flag of Georgia was adopted in 2003. Previous to the current design was a design that had incorporated the confederate flag. 

The Georgia flag has three red and white stripes and the state coat of arms on a blue field in the upper left corner. Thirteen stars surrounding the seal denote Georgia’s position as one of the original thirteen colonies.

On the seal, three pillars supporting an arch represent the three branches of government; legislative, judicial, and executive. A man with a sword drawn is defending the Constitution, whose principles are wisdom, justice, and moderation. The date 1776 represents the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


Georgia Flag Pledge of Allegiance

Georgia flag flying
Georgia flag flying

“I pledge allegiance to the Georgia Flag and to the principles for which it stands: Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation.”