Rhode Island State Flag

Rhode Island Flag

Rhode Island state flag



Officially Adopted:  November 1, 1897

Rhode Island’s state flag was adopted in in 1897 but it took almost 90 years for them to have an official state flag. It was the last of the last of the 13 original states to have an official flag. 

Placed on a white field the Rhode Island flag features a circle of thirteen gold stars representing the first thirteen states. The stars surround a gold ship’s anchor. Rhode Island’s state motto ” Hope” is on a blue ribbon below the anchor.

The colors of the flag go back to colonial times and the original establishment of Rhode Island under King Charles of II of England.

The state flag of Rhode Island is sometimes shown with gold fringe around the perimeter of the flag but it is not a part of the official flag unless it is used in federal level displays.

Rhode Island State Flag Pledge


Rhode Island State Flag Flying
Rhode Island State Flag Flying

An official state flag pledge was officially adopted in 1910 for the Rhode Island flag. Not all 50 States have state flag pledges but some do and even with the ones that have one they are not always used that often. 

“I pledge allegiance to our State Flag, and to the Republic of which Rhode Island forms a part; one Union inseparable, with honor and reverence for both State and Nation.”