Montana State Flower

Montana State Flower

Lewisia rediviva

Bitterroot is the official state flower of Montana. It was voted in by legislature as 1895. The bitterroot has a long history in Montana, being discovered by Lewis and Clark in western Montana valley. 

Long before explorers Lewis and Clark wrote about the beautiful purplish-pink flower of the bitterroot, Native Americans were using its roots for food and trade. Tribes dug up the roots and dried them so they could be kept and used for months. The root was too bitter to eat unless it was cooked, and it was usually mixed with berries or meat. An Indian story tells how the bitterroot came to be. It says the sun heard a mother crying because she couldn’t find food for her family. The sun changed her tears into the bitterroot so she would always have food for her children.

You can find the bitterroot growing near the mountains and boulders of western Montana in spring and summer. Mice love its leaves and seeds.

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