Nevada State Flower

Nevada State Flower

Artemisia tridentata

The official state flower of Nevada is the sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata). It was officially adopted in 1917 by the legislature. 

The flowers on the sagebrush are food for sheep in cattle in Nevada. The leaves are hearty and keep its leaves all year round. 

Big sagebrush is an aromatic, woody shrub, freely branched above, from 4-30 dm tall. Young stems are silvery-gray, while the older stems become grayish brown. The oldest stems have bark that is noticeably shredded. The leaves are gray, crowded, and narrowly cuneate with 3 rounded teeth or lobes on the blunt tip. They are silvery green above and below and strongly scented.

The leaves alternate on the stems, and they may be both deciduous and winter persistent. The flower heads are loosely spread out along the tips of the branches. The flower heads are solely discoid with 3-8 flowers per head. Big sagebrush flowers from late summer into fall.

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