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A master of science in nursing program helps professionals in accelerating their career. During this program, candidates complete advanced level studies, analyze data and learn how to get published in a scientific journal. They get to study a variety of courses which include healthcare of childbeaing women, introduction to research methods and design, advanced physiology and pathophysiology, well women healthcare, family and organizational systems across the lifespan, etc. These are some of the common courses that are usually offered by all schools; however, other courses may differ from one institute to another. Students also get a chance to choose an area of concentration which makes them a better candidate for advanced positions and higher salary. Some of the concentration areas are gerontology, midwifery, pediatric health, neonatal, family health care, public health, etc. Completing a master of science in nursing program not only strengthens the candidate academically but also allows them to create a network with other professionals working in the same field.

National Estimates for Registered Nurses in Oregon

Employment 1Hourly mean wageAnnual mean wage 2Employment per 1,000 jobsLocation quotient 9

(1) Estimates for detailed occupations do not sum to the totals because the totals include occupations not shown separately. Estimates do not include self-employed workers.

(2) Annual wages have been calculated by multiplying the hourly mean wage by a “year-round, full-time” hours figure of 2,080 hours; for those occupations where there is not an hourly wage published, the annual wage has been directly calculated from the reported survey data.

(9) The location quotient is the ratio of the area concentration of occupational employment to the national average concentration. A location quotient greater than one indicates the occupation has a higher share of employment than average, and a location quotient less than one indicates the occupation is less prevalent in the area than average.

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