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People who want to pursue their career in the field of nursing know that there are various kinds of nursing programs available. Each of these programs has a different requirement and requires a different amount of time to complete it. The most popular of these programs are associates and bachelors degrees in nursing. An associate’s degree completes in a span of 2 years, whereas a bachelor’s degree lasts for 4 years. Some aspiring nurses prefer to pursue a 2-year program, while others choose the 4-year program. Other than these degree programs, masters and doctorate programs in nursing are also available. Professionals who want to advance their knowledge and skills usually pursue one of these programs. Along with this, there are various vocational nursing degree programs available which are offered at technical schools, community colleges and vocational nurse training schools. Some people also prefer to choose accelerated degrees which include accelerated bachelors of science in nursing and masters of science in nursing.

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