• Constitution:
  • Capital City:
  • Nickname:
    Isle of Enchantment (Isla del Encanto {sp})
  • Bird:
    Stripe-headed tanager (spyndalis zena) (reinita mora {sp})
  • Capital City:
  • Constitution:
  • Flag:
    Puerto Rico FlagFive equal horizontal bands of red (top and bottom) alternating with white; a blue isosceles triangle based on the hoist side bears a large white five-pointed star in the center; the design of the Puerto Rican flag was not based on the United States flag, but rather on the Cuban flag. It was designed in the 1890's by the Puerto Rican Section of the Cuban Revolutionary Party in solidarity with their cause. The colors were inverted to preserve national identity.
  • Flower:
    Puerto Rican hibiscus (montezuma speciossisima) (flor de maga {sp})
  • Nickname:
    Isle of Enchantment (Isla del Encanto {sp})
  • Soil:
  • Song:
    The Borinquen Anthem (La Borinqueña {sp})
    • Words by: The music is attributed either to Francisco Ramirez or Felix Astol-Artes; in any case, Astol-Artes gave it its danza (habanera couple dance) arrangement and romantic lyrics. Mrs. Lola Rodriguez de Tio wrote its first patriotic lyrics, which were considered highly subversive.
      Manuel Fernandez-Juncos composed the milder lyrics that were officially adopted. Ramon Collado arranged the dance into an anthem.
  • Tree:
    silk-cotton tree (ceiba pentandra) (ceiba {sp})
  • Highest Point:
    Point Peak (Cerro de Punta {sp}) 4,389 feet
  • Location:
    18.15 N, 66.30 W
    Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of the Dominican Republic
  • Lowest Point:
    sea level
  • Maps:

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