My Homeland Tennessee 2

My Homeland, Tennessee

Written by Nell Grayson Taylor
Composed by Roy Lamont Smith

O Tennessee, that gave us birth,
To thee our hearts bow down.
For thee our love and loyalty 
Shall weave a fadeless crown.
Thy purple hills our cradle was;
Thy fields our mother breast
Beneath thy sunny bended skies,
Our childhood days were blessed.

Could we forget our heritage
Of heroes strong and brave?
Could we do aught but cherish it,
Unsullied to the grave?
Ah no! the State where Jackson sleeps,
Shall ever peerless be.
We glory in thy majesty;
Our homeland, Tennessee.

‘Twas long ago our fathers came, 
A free and noble band,
Across the mountain’s frowning heights
To seek a promised land.
And here before their raptured eyes;
In beauteous majesty:
Outspread the smiling valleys 
Of the winding Tennessee.

O Tennessee: Fair Tennessee:
Our love for thee can never die:
Dear homeland, Tennessee.