List of U.S. State Fruits

When we consider the diversity across the various states of the United States, it is not only about the people, culture, or landscape; it also encompasses the flavors that define each respective state. One fascinating aspect of this culinary diversity is the official state fruit.

These state fruits hold a special place in the US culture. They represent the agricultural heritage and the individuality of each state. Moreover, these fruits often have a historical, cultural, or economic significance, making them much more than just a simple crop. Whether they are enjoyed fresh, in pies, as jams, or even in specific dishes, these fruits are a source of pride for their locals.

From the sweet peaches of Georgia to the tangy cranberries of Wisconsin and everything in between, the journey across the various states is a delightful one. So here is a list of the official US state fruits.

It is pertinent to mention that out of the 50 US States, while many states have an officially declared state fruit, there are others that do not have an official state fruit at the present; in which case we have mentioned the most favored fruit in that region. Let’s have a look!

Alabama – Blackberry

State Fruit of Alabama - Blackberry

The official Alabama state fruit is blackberry. The southern charm of the state is beautifully captured by the sweet and juicy decadent fruit which is quite versatile and thrives in the state’s warm climate. Packed with magnesium, vitamin C, and K, this fruit is full of nutrients and is used in various desserts and beverages.

Alaska – Wild Alaskan Blueberry

State Fruit of Alaska - Wild Alaskan Blueberry

The most popular fruit in Alaska is the wild Alaskan blueberry. Considered a symbol of peace, it grows abundantly in the state’s untouched wilderness. Blueberry is known for its intense flavor and nutritional value and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Arizona – Cantaloupe

Popular Fruit of Arizona - Cantaloupe

Interestingly there isn’t an official Arizona state fruit. However, the cantaloupe, also called the rockmelon of Arizona is of a very superior quality and considered a favorite among the locals. Moreover, the saguaro cactus fruit, also known as the saguaro fruit, holds cultural importance in the state.

Arkansas – South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato

State Fruit of Arkansas - South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato

The official Arkansas state fruit, the South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato, is a celebration of the state’s agricultural heritage. These tomatoes are valued for their rich flavor and are often enjoyed fresh or in salads. Their high lysine content makes them a healthy addition to the diet.

California – Avocado

State Fruit of California - Avocado

California‘s state fruit is the iconic avocado, which is not just a local favorite but also a global sensation. This creamy and nutritious fruit is used in many ways in countless dishes and is considered to have a significant impact on the state’s economy.

Colorado – Palisade Peach

State Fruit of Colorado - Palisade Peach

The most popular fruit in Colorado is the Palisade Peach. It is a highly aromatic, juicy, and sweet delicacy that thrives in the state’s Western Slope region. The nutrient-rich soil of Palisade has borne these peaches since the eighteenth century and today they are one of the most prominent agricultural outputs of the state.

Connecticut – Native American Cooking Apple

Popular Fruit of Connecticut - Native American Cooking Apple

There may not be an official state fruit in Connecticut but the Native American cooking apple is regarded to be its most popular historic produce. Originally introduced in the region by the colonists, this apple variety has a rich history and was traditionally used by Native American tribes for cooking and drying.

Delaware – Strawberry

State Fruit of Delaware - Strawberry

Delaware’s official state fruit is the much-celebrated delightful strawberry. These juicy berries are enjoyed fresh, in desserts, and even as part of the famous annual Strawberry Festival in Delaware.

Florida – Orange

State Fruit of Florida - Orange

The state fruit of Florida is orange, which has a deep-rooted association with the region. Florida oranges are not only sweet and refreshing but also play a significant role in the state’s citrus industry.

Georgia – Peach

State Fruit of Georgia - Peach

Also known as the “Peach State,” Georgia proudly claims peach as its official state fruit. These sweet and succulent peaches are the stars of countless pies, cobblers, and jams.

Hawaii – Pineapple

Popular Fruit of Hawaii - Pineapple

Strangely enough, the tropical paradise of Hawaii does not have a state fruit. However, pineapples are one of the most popular fruits in the state. The earliest pineapple plantations can be traced back to as early as the 1900s. These sweet and tangy fruits are enjoyed fresh, as well as in beverages, desserts, and savory dishes. Other than pineapple, tamarind is very popular in the region for its taste and medicinal characteristics.

Idaho – Huckleberry

State Fruit of Idaho - Huckleberry

The official state fruit of Idaho is the huckleberry. It grows in abundance in the state’s mountainous regions. These small, dark-purple berries are a valued ingredient in local cuisine and are often used in pies and jams.

Illinois – GoldRush Apple

State Fruit of Illinois - GoldRush Apple

The Illinois state fruit now is the GoldRush apple. This apple variety is known for its crisp texture and balanced sweet and tart flavor, making it a popular choice for baking and fresh eating.

Indiana – Apple

Popular Fruit of Indiana - Apple

Unlike many other states, Indiana does not have a state fruit. However, the state is one of the largest producers of different types of apples including Honeycrisp and Jonathan apples. Aside from that, the refreshing summer fruit watermelon is a staple at picnics and gatherings throughout the state.

Iowa – Pear & Strawberry

Popular Fruit of Iowa - Pear

Iowa, like its predecessor, does not have an official state fruit. However, pear and strawberry are quite popular in the region. Be it the juicy packed with nutrient pears or decadent strawberries, the locals like to use them in a variety of ways.

Kansas – Native Plum

Popular Fruit of Kansas - Native Plum

Kansas takes pride in its Native Sandhill Plum, which is a testament to the state’s natural beauty. These small plums are used in various culinary applications and can also be enjoyed fresh. These juicy fruits are also known to improve bone health and lower blood sugar.

Kentucky – Blackberry

State Fruit of Kentucky - Blackberry

The official Kentucky state fruit is the blackberry. These sweet and juicy berries are used in pies, jams, and other delicious creations and are a good source of fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, and K.

Louisiana – Louisiana Strawberry

State Fruit of Louisiana - Louisiana Strawberry

The official Louisiana state fruit is the Louisiana strawberry. It is regarded as a symbol of the state’s agricultural ability. These strawberries are known for their sweet, juicy flavor and are used in a variety of dishes.

Maine – Wild Blueberry

State Fruit of Maine - Wild Blueberry

The officially declared state fruit of Maine is the wild blueberry. These delightful berries present multiple health benefits including improving gut health and reducing stress due to their antioxidant properties.

Maryland- Longan Fruit

Popular Fruit of Maryland - Longan Fruit

Maryland may not have a state fruit but one of the most popular fruits in the region is longan. Originally from Southeast Asia, Longan belongs to the soapberry family. In Maryland, it is a beloved fruit known for its jelly-like texture and wonderful blend of sweetness with a hint of tartness.

Massachusetts – Cranberry

State Fruit of Massachusetts - Cranberry

It comes as no surprise that the Massachusetts state fruit is cranberries, as the region is known to have its bogs filled with the fruit. These tart berries are used in a variety of dishes, including the famous cranberry sauce. Cranberries are high in antioxidants, improve immune function and lower blood pressure.

Michigan – Tart Cherry

Popular Fruit of Michigan - Tart Cherry

The state fruit of Michigan is its most favored tart cherry, which is renowned for its vibrant flavors. These cherries are used in pies, jams, and various other delicious treats.

Minnesota – Honeycrisp Apple

State Fruit of Minnesota - Honeycrisp Apple

Minnesota‘s official state fruit is the Honeycrisp apple which is a source of great pride for the locals. Known for its crisp texture and sweet-tart flavor, the Honeycrisp is a favorite among apple lovers.

Mississippi – Blueberry

State Fruit of Mississippi - Blueberry

In March 2023, students of fourth grade from an elementary school in Madison, Mississippi lobbied for a legislature to pass blueberry as the state’s national fruit. Thanks to them Mississippi today has an official state fruit, the blueberry.

Missouri – Norton/Cynthiana Grape

State Fruit of Missouri - Norton or Cynthiana Grape

While Missouri does not have an officially declared state fruit, the Norton/Cynthiana grape, commonly used to produce excellent wines is recognized as the state grape. These grapes thrive in the state’s vineyards and are a significant part of the state’s winemaking tradition.

Montana – Huckleberry

State Fruit of Montana - Huckleberry

Following in the footsteps of their counterparts in Mississippi, in May 2023, students of an elementary school in Vaughn, Montana signed a petition to establish the state’s staple fruit huckleberry as its state fruit. Hence now the official state fruit in Montana is huckleberry. Eat them fresh, or add them to jams or pancakes, there are many ways to enjoy them.

Nebraska – Apricots

Popular Fruit of Nebraska - Apricots

Nebraska does not have a state fruit, however, its locals are very fond of apricots. Whether you eat them fresh or in dried form, their high level of potassium and vitamins A and C make them a source of high nutrition.

Nevada – Pomegranate

Popular Fruit of Nevada - Pomegranate

Like its predecessor, Nevada also does not have a state fruit. However, the region is known for its pomegranates. They are a delightful addition to salads, and smoothies or can be eaten on their own to benefit from their antioxidant properties and usefulness in regulating blood pressure and sugar levels.

New Hampshire – Pumpkin

State Fruit of New Hampshire - Pumpkin

Next on our list of US state fruits is New Hampshire, where the official state fruit is the mighty pumpkin. From pies to soups, these versatile gourds are used in a wide range of dishes.

New Jersey – Highbush Blueberry

State Fruit of New Jersey - Highbush Blueberry

New Jersey is famous for its blueberries, which also happen to be the state fruit. These sweet and juicy berries are a highlight of the state’s agricultural output and are widely known for their taste and health benefits.

New Mexico – Pears and Apples

Popular Fruit of New Mexico - Pears

We all may know New Mexico’s state vegetable, the chile peppers, but we do not know the fruit as the state does not have a declared state fruit. However, the region is known for its apple produce, while its locals are also very fond of pears and passion fruit. Among the apples, the most popular varieties are Jonathan, Red, and Golden Delicious among others.

New York – Apple

State Fruit of New York - Apple

They do not call it the Big Apple for nothing. New York’s state fruit is the apple. The state is known for its diverse variety of apples including crab apples, wild apples, and orchard apples.

North Carolina – Scuppernong Grape

State Fruit of North Carolina - Scuppernong Grape

The official state fruit of North Carolina is the Scuppernong Grape. This variety is greenish and bronze in color and looks similar to white grapes but is rounder. These grapes are good for cholesterol and improve heart and gut health.

North Dakota – Chokecherry

State Fruit of North Dakota - Chokecherry

North Dakota’s official state fruit is chokecherry. These small, dark berries are known for their sharp flavor and are used in making jams, jellies, and syrups. Chokecherries have high cultural significance in North Dakota.

Ohio – Tomato

State Fruit of Ohio - Tomato

The official state fruit of Ohio state is the tomato. While botanically a fruit, the tomato is often treated as a vegetable in cooking. Ohio’s tomatoes are a staple in salads, sandwiches, and sauces, and the state celebrates their role in its agricultural heritage.

Oklahoma – Strawberry

State Fruit of Oklahoma - Strawberry

Like Delaware, Oklahoma‘s official state fruit is the strawberry. These vibrant berries are valued for their sweet flavor and are used in a variety of dishes, including pies, shortcakes, and jams. The annual Oklahoma Strawberry Festival is proof of the love for this fruit in the state.

Oregon – Pear

State Fruit of Oregon - Pear

Oregon regards the pear as its official state fruit. Known for their juicy and sweet flesh, Oregon pears are a prized crop in the region. Different varieties like the Bartlett and Anjou are enjoyed fresh and are also used in desserts and preserves.

Pennsylvania – Apple

Popular Fruit of Pennsylvania - Apple

Pennsylvania does not have a state fruit but is one of the largest producers of apples. The fruit is grown in every county in the state and it also has one of the largest apple processors. Legislators did propose for the apple to be declared as Pennsylvania state fruit, but it did not materialize.

Rhode Island – Rhode Island Greening Apple

State Fruit of Rhode Island - Rhode Island Greening Apple

The Rhode Island Greening Apple is the Rhode Island state fruit. Known for its crisp and juicy texture, this tart variety is best for eating fresh or to be used in apple pies.

South Carolina – Peach

State Fruit of South Carolina - Peach

South Carolina, like its neighbor Georgia, regards peach as its official state fruit. These succulent and sweet peaches are enjoyed fresh, in cobblers, and even in sauces. The state’s warm climate and fertile soil contribute to the quality of its produce.

South Dakota – Cherries

Popular Fruit of South Dakota - Cherries

South Dakota has no specific state fruit but fruits like cherries, strawberries, apples, plums and apricots grow in abundance in the state.

Tennessee- Tomato

State Fruit of Tennessee - Tomato

The Tennessee official state fruit is the tomato. The region’s soil is rich in limestone, giving tomatoes a stronger flavor and color.

Texas- Ruby Red Grapefruit

State Fruit of Texas - Ruby Red Grapefruit

The official state fruit of Texas is the ruby red grapefruit. These grapefruits are known for their vibrant red color and sweet and tart flavor. Texas produces a significant portion of the nation’s grapefruit and celebrates its produce with festivals and various dishes.

Utah – Cherry

State Fruit of Utah - Cherry

The official Utah state fruit is cherry, as the state’s orchards produce a variety of cherry types, including sweet and tart varieties. The annual Payson Scottish Festival in Utah features a cherry pit-spitting contest as a fun homage to the fruit.

Vermont – Apple

State Fruit of Vermont - Apple

Vermont, famous for its picturesque apple orchards, also recognizes the apple as its official state fruit. The state’s crisp fall weather and fertile land contribute to the quality of Vermont’s apples. Apple picking is a cherished autumn tradition in Vermont, and the fruit is used in cider, pies, and more.

Virginia – Pawpaw

Popular Fruit of Virginia - Pawpaw

In 2020, there was a bill to recognize pawpaw as the state fruit of Virginia, but it was tabled. However, its residents consider it as the non-official state fruit and love it for its flavor which is a mix of mangoes, pineapple, berries, and banana.

Washington – Apple

State Fruit of Washington - Apple

Washington, the “Evergreen State,” is known for its apples and recognizes the apple as its official state fruit. This state boasts a diverse range of apple varieties, including the crisp and juicy Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples. Apples are a significant part of Washington’s agricultural industry, with orchards dotting its landscape.

West Virginia – Golden Delicious Apple

State Fruit of West Virginia - Golden Delicious Apple

The Golden Delicious Apple has been West Virginia‘s official state fruit since 1995, but it was first discovered in the region in 1912. The Clay County Golden Delicious Festival is held every year to pay tribute to the famous produce.

Wisconsin – Cranberry

State Fruit of Wisconsin - Cranberry

The official Wisconsin state fruit is the cranberry. These tart berries are grown in the state’s marshes making it one of the leading cranberry-producing states in the country. The fruit is celebrated with cranberry festivals and events.

Wyoming – Apples, pears and apricots

Popular Fruit of Wyoming - Apples and apricots

Wyoming does not have an official state fruit but the region is ideal for growing many fruits including apples, cherries, berries, pears, and apricots. Other than these, its residents are also very fond of bananas.