Arizona State Motto

Arizona Motto

Ditat Deus


The Arizona state motto, Ditat Deus, is Latin for “God Enriches.” The motto has been on the Arizona state seal since its inception in 1863 by the Secretary of the Arizona Territory, Richard McCormick. While the seal was revised several times over many years, the motto has remained the same. From 1863 to 1912, Ditat Deus served as the motto for the Arizona Territory. Since 1912 it has served as the motto for the state of Arizona and is displayed on the current Great Seal of Arizona.

The meaning of the motto is tied to the depiction on the seal of a range of mountains with the sun rising behind the peaks. A water storage reservoir and a dam alongside irrigated fields and orchards are illustrated in front of the mountains. The motto Ditat Deus reminiscences Arizona’s God-given land riches.