Minnesota State Tree - Red Pine - Pinus resinosa

Red Pine Pinaceae Pinus resinosa

Leaf: Evergreen, 4 to 6 inches long, with two needles per fascicle that snap cleanly when doubled.

Flower: Monoecious; males almost round, light red, in large clusters at branch tips; females a round, short cone, reddish-brown.

Fruit: Cones are ovoid, broad near the base and tapering to a point at the tip; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches long. The apophysis is chestnut brown and the umbo is not armed. Maturing August to October.

Twig: Medium textured, orange-brown in color with orange-brown buds.

Bark: On young trees, red-brown or pink to gray, flaky. Eventually becoming plated, the plates have scaly surfaces.

Form: A medium-size tree with an ovoid crown and a clear bole. Foliage is tufted, resembling a fox tail.

Copyright 2003, Virginia Tech Forestry Department, all rights reserved.
Photos courtesy: Michael Aust, John Baitey, Ctaude L. Brown, Bruce Bongarten,
Susan D. Day, Edward C. Jensen, Richard E. Kreh, Larry H. McCormick, Alex X.
Niemiera, John A. Peterson, Oana Popescu, John R. Seiter, David W. Smith, Kim
C. Steiner, James E. Ward, Rodney E. Will, Shepard M. Zedaker.
Text written by: John R. Seiter, Edward C. Jensen, Or John A. Peterson