Pennsylvania State Tree

Pennsylvania State Tree

Eastern Hemlock  

Pennsylvania State Tree – Eastern Hemlock
Photo by Lal Beral on Flickr

Pinaceae Tsuga canadensis


Evergreen, 1/2 inch long, dark green in color, with 2 lines of white stomata below. Tips are blunt. Needles are two-ranked.


Monoecious; males yellow, small, round; females light green at the branch


Ovoid, 3/4 inch long with rounded, entire scales. Maturing September
to October.


Fine, gray-brown in color.


On young trees, gray-brown, smooth, turning scaly. Older trees are red-brown with wide ridges and furrows. When cut or broken, purple streaks are obvious.


A medium-sized tree with a dense, conical crown, fine branches and a
drooping terminal shoot. Typically a poor natural pruner.

Copyright 2019 Virginia Tech Dept. of Forest Resources and Environmental
Conservation; Photos and text by: John Seiler, Edward Jensen,
Alex Niemiera, and John Peterson; Silvics reprinted from Ag
Handbook 654; range map source information