South Carolina State Tree - Sabal Palm - Sabal palmetto

Sabal Palm or Cabbage Palmetto Arecaceae Sabal palmetto

Leaf: Alternate, palmately compound, fan shaped; leaflets very long (4 to 6 feet) and lance shaped, leaf stalks are long, extend through the leaf, and are without sharp edges; green in color, overall leaf nearly round and several feet long.

Flower: Small white flowers occurring on large (several feet), branched clusters, appearing in early summer.

Fruit: Fleshy drupe, nearly round, 1/3 to 1/2 inch across, dark shiny blue, maturing in early fall and persistent into the winter.

Twig: Absent, since leaves appear directly out of unbranched trunk.

Bark: Gray brown, tough, splits vertically.

Form: Tall (to 80 feet), straight trunk with a short rounded crown.

Copyright 2003, Virginia Tech Forestry Department, all rights reserved.
Photos courtesy: Michael Aust, John Baitey, Ctaude L. Brown, Bruce Bongarten,
Susan D. Day, Edward C. Jensen, Richard E. Kreh, Larry H. McCormick, Alex X.
Niemiera, John A. Peterson, Oana Popescu, John R. Seiter, David W. Smith, Kim
C. Steiner, James E. Ward, Rodney E. Will, Shepard M. Zedaker.
Text written by: John R. Seiter, Edward C. Jensen, Or John A. Peterson