Texas State Tree

Texas State Tree

Pecan Tree

Juglandaceae Carya illinoinensisTexas State Tree Pecan Tree



Alternate, pinnately compound with 9 to 15 finely serrate and often curved leaflets, 12 to 18 inches long.


Male flowers in hanging, yellow-green catkins, often in pairs of three
(4 to 5 inches long). Females are small and yellowish green, 4-angled.


Large, oblong, brown, splotched with black, thin shelled nuts, 1 ½ to
2 inches long, husks are thin, usually occur in clusters on trees. Mature in September and October.


Moderately stout, light brown, fuzzy particularly, when young; leaf scars large and three lobed; buds are yellowish brown to brown, hairy, terminal buds ¼ to ½ inch long.


Smooth when young, becoming narrowly fissured into thin broken strips, often scaly.


A large tree (can reach heights well over 100 feet) with spreading crown when in the open.

Texas pecan tree details
Pecan Tree Seed
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