Utah (UT)


Quick Facts

Capital City:   Salt Lake City

Abbreviation:  UT

Population (2019): 2,900,872; Rank: 33 of 50 | Population Quick Facts

Region:   West

Admission to Statehood:  January 4, 1896 (45th State)

State Motto:  Utah

State Nickname:  The Beehive State

Origin of State Name:  Taken from the name of the Ute Indians, whose name means “people of the mountains

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Area Codes:  385, 435, 801

Zip Codes:   Utah Zip Codes

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State Symbols

Bird:  Ring-billed Gull | List of State Birds

Animal:  Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis nelsoni)

State Fruit:  Cherry

State Gemstone:  Topaz

Flag:  On Utah flag, a blue field, appears the state seal. In the center of the seal is a beehive, the state emblem, with a sego lily growing on either side. The sego lily stands for peace. The state motto “Industry” means steady effort. A national flag shows that Utah supports the United States. The eagle stands for protection in peace and war. The date 1847 represents the year that Brigham Young led a group of people to the Salt Lake Valley to reestablish in Utah, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, also know as The Mormons. The date 1896 represents the year that Utah gained admission to the Union of the United States.   Get this Flag

Flower: Sego lily (Calochortus nuttalli) | Other State Flowers

Soil:  Mivida


Tree: Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) | Other State Trees

Quarter: Golden Spike and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad Utah Quarter | List of State Quarters


Utah on map



  • Area: 84,904 sq.mi (219,901 sq.km.), 13th
  • Land: 82,168 sq.mi. (212,814 sq.km.), 12th
  • Water: 2,736 sq.mi. (7,086 sq.km.), 16th

Largest Cities: Salt Lake City | West Valley City | Provo | West Jordan | Orem | Sandy | Ogden | St. George | Layton | Taylorsville

Border States:   Arizona | Colorado | Idaho | Nevada | New Mexico | Wyoming | List of US Regions

Highest Point:  Kings Peak ; 13,528 feet, (4,123 m.), 7th tallest

Lowest Point:  Utah; 2180 feet, 47th lowest

Geographic Center:  Sanpete, 3 miles north of Manti

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National Parks:  Arches National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Capitol Reef National Park
Cedar Breaks National Monument
Dinosaur National Monument
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Golden Spike National Historical Park
Hovenweep National Monument
Natural Bridges National Monument
Rainbow Bridge National Monument (by boat only)
Timpanogos Cave National Monument
Zion National Park
California National Historic Trail
Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail
Old Spanish National Historic Trail
Pony Express National Historic Trail




State Government

Governor:  Spencer Cox (R)

Senators: Mike Lee (R) Mitt Romney (R)

Representatives:  House, Senate

Constitution:  Utah’s Constitution

Government Offices Directory:  Find all information here at the Utah government offices directory

Electoral College Votes:  6 Votes

Vital Records: Find out all the information about the vital records for the state of Utah



  • Economy:
    • Agriculture: Cattle, dairy products, hay, turkeys.
    • Industry: Machinery, aerospace, mining, food processing, electric equipment, tourism.
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